Most fulfilling spot in Camiguin

Camiguin is an island province of the Philippines located in the Northern Mindanao region. It is a popular Philippine destination for tourists, both foreign and local, and just a 1-hour ferry ride from the port of Balingoan, Misamis Oriental. It is a small island and you can tour it in a day by renting a multicab or habal-habal.

I have created a list of my favorite attractions in Camiguin. I’m not a huge fan of springs so I omitted Ardent Hot Spring and Sto. Niño Cold Spring from here.

7. Bura Soda Water

Want to have a drink of healthy soda? The name Soda Water might be deceiving but it is no pure soda.

Out of curiosity, I tried to taste the water and experienced a tangy-like sensation. There is a hose of potable running water near the faucet where you can stick out your tongue and let the water drip onto your taste buds. Don’t drink directly from the pool just like my illustration below. Remember, the pool was made for visitors to swim.

6. Sunken Cemetery

The name sounds creepy but believe it or not, this site was once a cemetery that was buried by the birth of Mt. Vulcan in the 1800s. The cross marks the entrance to the cemetery underneath.

Tourists can go closer to the cross by riding a boat. You need to pull the rope connected to the mainland.

5. Old Church Ruins

Like the Sunken Cemetery, this church was destroyed by volcanic eruption. The bell tower and convent ruins sit near the sea and are being surrounded by trees.

4. Old Volcano View

Along the road you will find this great spot overlooking the ocean. There is a huge stone where you can stand or sit and take some photos with the cove on the background.

3. Katibawasan Falls

This beautiful waterfalls of Katibawasan is situated at the interior of the island. This is one of the tallest falls I have seen so far. The pool where the water drops is shallow so it’s not safe to jump from the top. I’m not even sure if there’s a way up.

2. Catarman Bridge

It is not about the bridge itself but the spectacular Mt. Hibok-Hibok and Mt. Vulcan that you can see from there. A river spices up the view as well.

Do not forget that vehicles still pass by the bridge. Do the basics: look to your left and right before crossing the road.

1. White Island

There are no white sand beaches in the province which is quite a disappointment to me. However, there is White Island, a white sandbar off the shore of Yumbing, Mambajao. For Php 400, you can hire a motorboat to-and-fro the uninhabited strip of sand. There are no trees and any form of shade (except for a floating cottage) so be prepared with the scorching heat of the sun.

The surrounding water is a perfect place for snorkeling and there are bunch of fish that are beyond your reach.

White Island also allows you to see the full outline of Camiguin and is perfect for photos. For me, this is the most fulfilling of all the sceneries in the province.

Getting There: From Cagayan de Oro City, ride a bus at the Agora terminal bound for Balingoan. The bus trip is about 2 hours and the ordinary bus fare is Php 84. The cost of Super Shuttle Ferry ticket to Benoni Port is Php 170.

Getting Around: Teddy Pabualan is one of the tour guides who offers multicab service for Php 1,300/day. Check out his page for more details.

What To Bring Home: Vjandep Pastel, a bun filled with yema, is one of the province’s popular pasalubong. You can also bring home Lanzones but it is seasonal.

Annual Event: Every October, there is the annual Lanzones Festival.


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