A frosty visit to Harbin Ice and Snow World

As soon as winter in China sets in, thousands of tourists flock to Harbin for a one-of-a-kind winter scene. Beginning mid-December, China’s northern city of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province transforms

Tales from the rails of China

An impressive edifice, a steel-clad structure that typifies modern architecture came into view when I exited from the subway station. Shadowed by the handsome building was a seamlessly tiled

How to apply for a China tourist visa in the Philippines

Traveling to mainland China is every nomad’s fantasy. Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Forbidden City—we all dream to see these beautiful places in China. But it won’t come too easy

Year 2014 in retrospect: Where have I been?

Six countries, numerous cities, zero savings—this is how I would scribble down my year 2014, striking through it some streak of neon green Stabilo Boss then flipping my hour

Wat Pho: Home of the Giant Reclining Buddha

The Buddhist temple complex of Wat Pho is among the top tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. For first-time visitors in Bangkok, getting to Wat Pho is like an obligatory

Krabi Mentality: Quarter-life Celebration in Railay

For three years in a row I’ve spent my birthday outside my own country to pamper and break free once in a while from the bondage of the corporate

How to enjoy a 5-day Korea trip for less than P20,000

Several months have passed since we traveled to South Korea but I’ve only recently realized that I haven’t yet posted a blog containing the breakdown of our expenses. Many

How to Lose Friends in Krabi: My Phi Phi Islands Story

What sucks about living in a hostel as a solo traveler is one day you get to meet amazing people, the next you’re back in your shell of solitude.