Why is it more fun in the Philippines?

It has been months since the launch of Philippines’ new tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. Yes, I know I’m far behind the trend and this post might be a delayed reaction on the matter. Just this week I ransacked my image repository and raked the photographs that I could include in my hash tags for the slogan. Guess what? I found a handful of them from my previous travels.

If you will ask me why it is more fun in the Philippines, I will give you the acronym PINAS (Pinas is also a colloquialism for the Philippines, by the way). People, Industry, Nature, Arts and Simplicity. In my opinion, these five words form the framework that supports the Department of Tourism’s slogan. The Filipinos are known for their distinct hospitality. Various industries are booming in the nation, which make it more attractive to visitors. The gifts of nature and the arts are abundant. The laid-back atmosphere in the country provides simple joy. As a generalization, the people are the key players in the tourism industry that promotes the nature and the arts of the country and its overall simplicity.

Now, why do you think it is more fun in the Philippines? Kindly let everyone know by commenting on this post.

Who would dare to climb El Nido’s limestone cliff and sit on the jagged rocks? This photo is worth a life (it’s a joke half-meant).

If you’re grumpy, you’re ugly. So I always make sure to smile just not to fall under the ugly category. Rafting on the strong current of Cagayan de Oro river is a piece of cake that I could still look at the camera and throw a grin. Or is this a smile already?

Aside from the popular ‘wacky pose’, jump shots are also a favorite in the Philippines. Your camera’s shutter speed should be fast enough to capture people floating in midair, otherwise they’ll have to leap like there’s no tomorrow.

Why treasure hunting? These kids at Matnog, Sorsogon risk their lives just to dive for coins thrown into them by passengers of ferry boats docking at Luzon’s southermost seaport. These coins mean a lot.


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