Top 15 Pinoy Travel Blogs for 2013 according to Kurtzky

Picking 15 travel bloggers from amongst 350-ish creative Pinoy dudes and dudines took me a while as I underwent quite a shaky cycle of list-remove-modify. To begin with, I commend these guys for their seriousness toward the craft of travel writing: they do not just explore for leisure’s sake but also they allot ample time to write down their thoughts and share helpful information to netizens.

An effective blogger not only delivers a product of well-thought of article paired with enticing visual images: he/she also drives readers to move and become adventurous travelers. These people on my list somehow helped me become the kind of vagabond I am right now.

When given the chance to meet all Pinoy Travel Bloggers, I’d use this gigantic camera for us to fit in the picture. XD

Here is my list of Top 15 Travel Bloggers for 2013. I did not assign cardinal number to each blogger to indicate random arrangement.

There are numerous reasons why I chose the bloggers listed above: awe-inspiring photographs, genuine drive for volunteerism, informative posts, and persuasive travel adventures. Some of them I have met in person while on the road (planned and unplanned), others I have seen in travel publications. The rest of them I often see on search engine results when I research for travel tips.

Now I need a fan sign from them. I’m just kidding. Not. Whatever.


Mark is a travel bug slayer, a practical backpacker, and a future globetrotter. He dreams to skydive over the Swiss Alps, to live in a Mongolian yurt, and to sled on the icy plains of Antarctica. When he's not dreaming, he plays the role of a web developer.

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