In photos: Sinulog Festival 2013 Grand Parade

Congested thoroughfares, boisterous crowd, colorful costumes. These are the common scenes during Sinulog Festival Grand Parade. The said event is an annual celebration held in Cebu City on the 3rd Sunday of January to honor the patron saint Santo Niño. Performers dance to the beat of the drums and exalt the saint in vernacular. A Sinulog queen, an elaborately-dressed girl who carries and lifts the image of Santo Niño, serves as the front-runner and is usually the target of photographers.

This year, Cebu City was swarmed by approximately four million visitors who witnessed the much-anticipated grand parade. The all-day street dance-and-party event has brought locals and tourists to the heart of Cebu and dropped their jaws in awe as they watch the performances of energetic mardi gras participants wearing extravagant attires. These dance groups hailed from different municipalities and provinces, aiming to bag the cash prize and of course to get the bragging rights.


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  • Dylan

    Good for you Mark. You were able to take these great shots.
    I didn’t have any decent Sinulog shots because of the crowd.
    How did you get inside the street while the parade was ongoing?

    • Mark

      Hi Dylan. We were at the area with lenient security as suggested by Johnn. I took the chance to cross the rope barrier and joined other photographers on the street. ;)