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The tedious process of finding the best flight deals from a wide range of airlines around the globe has been simplified and condensed into a single, more handy application: Skyscanner. Originally created for web browsers, the application now has a mobile counterpart available for free download and is a must-use for travelers who are always on the go.

Skyscanner helped me find the best rate for my Manila-Singapore trip on August 8, 2013

How does Skyscanner work? Apparently, Skyscanner is a portmanteau for sky and scanner which translates to an object that systematically examines the sky—the airlines—in order to obtain data especially for display or storage. On a more technical aspect, airline companies expose their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to Skyscanner, which then allow the latter to communicate with them via programming codes and retrieve all the data they need. In layman’s terms, Skyscanner is a travel search engine innovation that helps all kinds of travelers compare the rates of multiple airlines as per their specified origin and destination on a given period of time.

Skyscanner’s capability to narrow down and present flight options on their application enable the users to get the best bargains according to their desired itinerary. Considered as one of the leading global travel search sites that provide instant online comparisons for millions of flights on over a multitude of airlines, Skyscanner also renders off-flight deals such as car rentals and hotels.

The application’s flexible search options mean you can browse prices across a whole month, or even a year, allowing you to get the best deals. It enables you to directly book with the airline or travel agent so you get the lowest price with no extra fees added. Skyscanner is also designed to fetch promotional seat sale fares of various airlines, making the search for cost-efficient flights more valuable.

Left: The mobile version allows you to filter search results. Right: The application displays a detailed flight itinerary before you proceed with your booking

In 2011, a Singapore office was opened to help grow Skyscanner in the Asia-Pacific market. With flight searches offered in more than 27 different languages, Skyscanner is the travel site of choice for independent travelers all over the world. Skyscanner does not command users what they need to do; rather, it listens to them and gives them what they want—a travel website that is fast, flexible, and reliable as it finds the cheapest flights, hotels, holidays and car hire, with no extra cost.

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