Crazy travel moments: Throwback Thursday edition

Throwback Thursday—It’s the time of the week to ransack and share old, significant photographs. As a traveler who is still developing in the field and coping with wanderlust, I have some noteworthy encounters with real-life events while on the road. These experiences honed my attitude towards the art of travel and taught me how to become a flexible wanderer.

Surfed in Baler – May 28, 2011

Apart from the fact that this Baler trip is my first undocumented solo travel, it is also probably the craziest deed I made to date. Curious and eager to find my first destination, I spent the whole night of May 27, 2011 researching for the perfect weekend getaway. At 5:30 AM of May 28, I was already on the bus to Baler. Having no sleep at all, I was hopeful to gain back every minute of sleep I lost as we travel to Baler. Unfortunately, the dysfunctional air-conditioning of the bus made me awake in the entire 8-hour journey.

Took the bus to Vigan – August 28, 2011

The long weekend of August 2011 brought out my adventurous instinct as I rode the bus to Vigan City from Manila without thorough planning. I arrived in the heritage city at around 12 midnight and spent an hour looking for accommodation. Yes, it was a very hasty decision.

Spontaneously rode another bus to Laoag – August 29, 2011

While having my lunch at Cafe Uno in Vigan, realization hit me that Laoag City is just an hour or more away from my current location. Despite the heavy rains in Northern Luzon on August 29, 2011, I still persuaded myself to catch the bus to Laoag. I wasn’t sure if it was my discontentment of Vigan that led me to go farther north.

Dealt with a loose bowel in Bohol – March 21, 2011

It could be the food that we devoured in Cebu. It could also be Bohol’s. But one thing I’m sure about was the experience of IBS during our countryside tour with my family. Four of us had the same fate of running towards the nearest comfort room to release the bad agents in our stomachs. Mine happened while we were on the viewing deck of Carmen. So unfortunate.

Solo tour around Camiguin – October 7, 2011

Who chartered a multicab and toured around Camiguin alone on a rainy Friday? Me. It was another solo trip but this one was more “planned” and “organized” as compared to the previous ones. The intermittent rain that day garnered numerous curses from me because it was the main reason why my digicam got the dark spots on its sensor, which was the cause of its tragic end.

Ran broke in Cagayan de Oro – October 8, 2011

After the expensive solo trip in Camiguin, I went back to Cagayan de Oro, expectant of my salary to have entered my payroll account. To my dismay, it was moved to be deposited the following day. I had gone broke that night. Left with no other choice, I decided to settle on street foods as my dinner. Problem solved.

Stranded in Concepcion, Iloilo – January 8, 2012

I may have surpassed the stormy night at Bolobadiangan Island in Concepcion, Iloilo but I still lost in the overall battle as I got stranded for how many hours in the sandbar, causing a delayed appointment with a good friend in the city. The reason for the delay? I missed the passing passenger boat going back to mainland so I had to wait for the tide to rise in order for the boat of the resort to become usable. Why? Because it was still suspended on the expanse of rocks. Thanks to the kind owner who offered me breakfast, I got some food to munch.

Maundy Thursday instant trip to Northern Samar – April 5, 2012

I can say that spontaneous travel trait runs in our family. On a Maundy Thursday, my mother asked me if we have a plan of spending the Holy Week in Northern Samar. At 5 PM of that day, I concurred. We immediately packed our stuff, called a taxi to the bus terminal in Pasay, and took chance to get on a trip bound for the province. Since it was a holiday, trips were limited so we opted to ride a Legazpi-bound bus and decided to do Legazpi-Sorsogon-Allen route.

Unplanned vacation in El Nido – May 18, 2012

Travel bug bit me once again. After gaining enough confidence, I contacted my father to ask my aunt who lives in Taytay Palawan if she could at least shoulder my plane tickets to Puerto Princesa. The supposed-to-be ordinary duty in the office on May 8, 2012 turned out as a surprise as I finally got my round-trip tickets. On May 18, I was already on the bus to El Nido.

Booked plane tickets to Davao City twice – August 18, 2012

My first visit to Davao City drew a significant amount of money from me. Why? I did not carefully examine the schedule of events of Kadayawan Festival, leading to wrong booking details. My original arrival in Davao was August 19 at 5:30 AM as I thought that Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan takes place on a Sunday. Wrong. I only discovered it on August 17, one day before the correct date of the said activity, when I re-checked the schedule. Flabbergasted, I immediately booked another ticket bound for Davao, changed it to August 18, and scrapped the old ticket. All I can say that time was “Sayang!“.


Mark is a travel bug slayer, a practical backpacker, and a future globetrotter. He dreams to skydive over the Swiss Alps, to live in a Mongolian yurt, and to sled on the icy plains of Antarctica. When he's not dreaming, he plays the role of a web developer.

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